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No shortage of colourful characters at Anime North

Anime North has come and gone for another year. The streets and hotels around the International Plaza hotel and the Toronto Congress Centre have gone from plain and ordinary to colourful and full of character and back again. For anyone […]


Anime North turns Twenty

Twenty years ago a small, fan-run convention started up in Toronto. From those humble beginnings back in 1997 where a mere 800 guests took in the con, Anime North has grown into a massive convention. Last year the annual celebration, […]


Anime North Adds a Splash of Colour to May Two Four Weekend

Look, it’s Princess Peach! Wait, is that a Power Ranger? Does that person have wings? It’s an annual event that takes over the International Plaza Hotel and the Toronto Congress Centre every year, and arguably has grown bigger and bigger […]


It was a Colourful Weekend at Anime North

It couldn’t have been nicer for a weekend full of fun and colourful costumes at Anime North. The convention took over the International Plaza Hotel and the Toronto Congress Centre over the weekend where thousands of people came in from […]


Costumes Aplenty This Weekend at Anime North

We’ve become accustomed to seeing people dressed up in our everyday lives. From different work outfits, religious attire and even those who prefer to dress in their own unique personal style every day. But if you are in Toronto this […]