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Netflix teases new Castlevania animated series

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Jason Nason

Netflix dropped a teaser trailer for another new series today, and if you play video game at all the name is all too familier – Castlevania.

The anime series premieres in July on the streaming service. The plot for the series is described here: “The last surviving member of a disgraced clan fights to save Eastern Europe from Dracula. Inspired by the classic video game series.”

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I’m Not Alone In Wanting A New 2D Metroid-vania

Posted on May 12, 2015 by Les Major

Koji Igarashi won a victory for all gamers who have wanted more 2D Castlevania RPG styled action. In a stunning victory, his Kickstarter has almost generated a million dollars more than requested. It’s clear that gamers have been eager to play more of Iga’s creations.

It’s wonderful that we’re getting a new Igavania as it’s being cutely called, but the way is certainly disheartening. Instead of the big exciting climax Castlevania was building to, we’ve had to go around copyright and support a new franchise in Bloodstained. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure Bloodstained will be fantastic and I’ll love it! The more of these games the better!

I’m just sad we’ll never get that final climax in a 2D Castlevania game. It felt like Castlevania was potentially leading up to a gripping ending with a final battle of all time which would occur in the year 2000. Thoughts of series favorites rushing through stages designed to look like modern day cities infused with the castle itself in a bustling city were something I’d eagerly anticipated. Whether that was the actual direct is up for speculation but instead we’ll need to move on. Much like Mega Man fans have had to besides enjoying the adventures from Archie Comics.

Hopefully we won’t need to worry about more titles going this way in the future. Classic franchises shouldn’t be forgotten. It actually makes one wonder just how many games are out there that fans would clamor for a sequel to. Personally, besides Castlevania being top on my list and Bloodstained being a dream come true, I’d love to see a new Doki Doki Panic / Super Mario Bros 2 USA game. With the success stories on Kickstarter lately, it makes me think that I’m not alone in many of my ideas either.

While we’re on the topic, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Nintendo to release a new Super Metroid styled game. Just look at the success of this Kickstarter alone which focuses on Metroid like exploration.

Congratulations Koji Igarashi! You and those who work with you have given us some of the best entertainment we could have asked for. We’re eager to welcome Bloodstained with open arms and continue our adventures in your new world.


January 16th Nintendo Download

Posted on January 16, 2014 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Wii U eShop

Unepic (EnjoyUp Games) – Rated: T – $9.99

Unepic is a mixture of platform game, role game and joke that takes place in a huge castle of medieval fantasy. It is set in the eighty’s style, but completed with the most actual features. The hero is called Daniel, a normal guy from today: great videogame player, big lover of sci-fi movies and novice player of role games. In the middle of a role game with his friends, he is teleported to a castle and he thinks that he is having a massive hallucination. So he decides to run his own adventure until the hallucination ends.

  • 2D RPG with 200 rooms to explore.
  • 7 bosses, 70 spells and 100 weapons.
  • Funny story and dialogs with references to other films, comic…
  • Quests, challenges, achievements and pets.
  • Craft your own potions.
  • 4 levels of difficulty with 3 different ends.
  • English voices.

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December 19th Nintendo Download

Posted on December 19, 2013 by Jason Nason

Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console

Knytt Underground (Ripstone / Nifflas’ Games) – Rated: M

Knytt Underground is a unique adventure delivering zen-like gameplay, vibrant environments and dynamic characters!

The legendary Knytt series continues with Nifflas latest creation; Knytt Underground

Humans practically destroyed the planet in a war five hundred years ago and have long since abandoned the world. The remaining population called ‘sprites’ are forced to live in tunnels underground.

“Mi” (that’s you!) is a mute but extraordinary sprite who develops special powers as she embarks upon a quest to ring the six bells of fate; which if not rung every six hundred years will begin a chain reaction that will obliterate the world! With an array of thrilling quests, unique zen-like gameplay and plenty of dynamic characters to meet and guide you on your adventure – Knytt Underground™ delivers a captivating and unparalleled experience that will not disappoint! Can you ring the six bells of fate and save the world before it’s too late? Download today and begin your journey through this vibrant and enchanted underground world!

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Konami to Update 3DS Castlevania in HD

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Jason Nason

Konami announced today that they will be updating Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate in HD for release on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The game was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year.

In the game, it is the end of days and ungodly powers isolate the Earth. The worlds’ alliance with the heavens has been threatened by a dark and malevolent force – the mysterious Lords of Shadow. Across this shattered land, the souls of the dead wander unable to find peace, whilst creatures of evil wreak chaos and death upon the living.

Gabriel Belmont is a member of the Brotherhood of Light, an elite group of holy knights who protect and defend the innocent against the supernatural. His beloved wife was brutally murdered by the evil forces of darkness and her soul trapped for eternity. Neither living nor dead she realizes the horrific truth of what is at stake and guides Gabriel to his destiny – and hopefully salvation for the world.

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Konami Prepares Pre-E3 Press Conference For June 6th

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

Are you ready to kick off the E3 festivities a few days early? For the third year in a row Konami will be presenting their Pre-E3 Press Conference before the big event in Los Angeles. We can look forward to behind the scenes footage from the development of the latest Pro Evolution Soccer, exclusive content from  Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and a new gameplay trailer for Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2.

Make sure to tune in on June 10th at 10 am Pacific time over at the Konami events page. We’ll have the latest news from the live stream, as soon as it is available.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate | Review

Posted on March 5, 2013 by Les Major

The most important thing to get out of the way is this game is a side-scroller based on the console Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game. This isn’t your usual Metroidvania, and while it has somewhat familiar mapping, it’s more linear. There are a million ways you can compare this title to Metroidvania titles (such as Symphony of the Night) however this game just isn’t one of them. So lets look at what Mirror of Fate is.Read More


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Getting PC Release

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Jeff Wade

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is getting a PC release to coincide with it’s console brethren in 2013, according to a recent press release first spotted by German games site JPGames.

The port is being done in house at developers MercurySteam, and dark lords willing, could go a long way in fixing the technical issues and slowdown present in the first Lords of Shadows. MercurySteam states that this will be the last Castlevania game that they work on, creating a trilogy along with the recently delayed 3DS title Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate.


Metal Gear Solid Rising & Lords of Shadow 2 Playable At GamesCom

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Two of Konami’s biggest games for 2012 and 2013 will be playable by the public for the first time at Germany’s GamesCom in August. Fans of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid franchise will get their first taste of Raiden’s blade with a playable demo of next spring’s Metal Gear Solid Risisng: Revengeance. For those in attendance looking for something a little less blood-soaked and a little more macabre there’s always Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate for the Nintendo 3DS.

Gamescom 12 will run in Colonge Germany from August 15th through the 18th. While we won’t be at the show itself, if any big announcements are made we will be sure to bring them to you.


Castlevania Mirror of Fate Announced for 3DS

Posted on June 5, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Even our handhelds are safe from Konami’s re-imagining of the Castlevania series with the announcement of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate for the Nintendo 3DS.

Mirror of Fate is a prequel to the recently announced Castlevania  lords of Shadow 2 and casts the player in the role of multiple characters. I again promises to feature many different magical abilities and signature weapons that the series is known for, and as a first for a handheld Castlevania game, Mirror of Fate will use 3D art instead of the traditional 2-D artwork used in previous handheld entries.

No release date was available at the time of writing but we hope to hear more as E3 continues.  Check out the teaser trailer after the jump.Read More


Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Reveal Trailer

Posted on June 1, 2012 by Eric Bastelak

So as we begin hyping ourselves up for E3 we here at Broken Joysticks were watching the pre E3 Konami press conference as I mentioned before. Probably one of the biggiest announcements out of that conference besides Metal Gear Solid Rising, was the Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2. It looks as though Gabriel Belmont is now one of the fiends he fought so hard against. Read More


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