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Nostalgia Fueled ‘New 3DSXL SNES Edition’ Confirmed For North America

Not simply content with mining the nostalgia from our collective youth with the recently released SNES Classic Mini, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the previously Europe exclusive ‘New 3DSXL: SNES Edition’ will be coming to our shores on November 27th.  Setting the North […]


Nintendo 3DS XL Temporarily Being Sold For Only 85 Quid

The  Nintendo 3DS handheld is currently being sold for only 85 pounds over on frugalgaming.com. They currently come in two colours. You can find the blue version here, and for those of us with any modicum of taste the pink […]


Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Coming To North America!

The smaller version of the New Nintendo 3DS is finally making its way to North America according to a Nintendo press release released after the first day of the GameStop Expo. Fans of the big N’s hardware have been eagerly […]


3DS Circle Pad Goes XL

In a move that’s not surprising in the least, Nintendo looks as though they have announced a brand new Circle Pad Pro for the Nintendo 3DS XL. Information is scarce, there is no release date or price (sound familiar?), but […]


3DS XL Launches Alongside New Super Mario Bros 2

Wait games release on Sundays? Well they do, if you happen to be a fan of Nintendo’s first party titles. Alongside Mario’s latest adventure, New Super Mario Bros 2, Ninty also left fans a present in the form of the […]