Nostalgia Fueled ‘New 3DSXL SNES Edition’ Confirmed For North America

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Not simply content with mining the nostalgia from our collective youth with the recently released SNES Classic Mini, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the previously Europe exclusive ‘New 3DSXL: SNES Edition’ will be coming to our shores on November 27th. 

Setting the North American version apart from its colorful European counterpart is, of course, the muted color scheme of light & dark purples featured on the face buttons. Combining the familiar North American SNES controller ABXY button colors with the soft grey of the console’s housing – this limited edition New 3DSXL mimics Nintendo’s 16-bit console faithfully.  

No word yet on if you leave your New 3DS XL SNES Edition in the sun if it will turn yellow like the SNES’ of yore. 

The yellowing color of many early SNES units was actually due to a fire suppression chemical being mixed incorrectly when the plastics for the body were produced.
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The New 3DSXL SNES Edition will come bundled with a download code for the SNES classic racer Super Mario Kart and will retail for $199 USD. 


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