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Fairune 2 | REVIEW

When I played Fairune just under two years ago I fell in love with the simple adventure RPG. Looking and feeling somewhat reminiscent of the early The Legend of Zelda games, the game was wide open and fun to play. […]


Two Circle games confirmed for October 20th

Circle Entertainment has shared via their social media platforms that two of their games are coming to the Nintendo eShop this week, with one game arriving on the Wii U and the other on the Nintendo 3DS. Circle revealed that […]


Fairune 2 could hit 3DS eShop by mid-October

Circle Entertainment shared yesterday during the Tokyo Game Show that their upcoming title Fairune 2 could land in the Nintendo 3DS eShop by mid-October. Developed by Skipmore, the game is the sequel to Fairune which was released in 2014. We […]


Fairune 2 submitted to North America/Europe Lotcheck

Circle Entertainment has had a string of new releases over the last little while, with Kingdom’s Item Shop last week and Ambition of the Slimes the week before that. Fairune 2 could be added to that list very soon. The […]


Fairune 2 to remain 3DS exclusive

With Fairune 2 set to be released in the 3DS eShop in Japan today, Circle Entertainment has shared thru social media that the game will remain a 3DS exclusive title. The original Fairune title, released for the Nintendo 3DS in […]