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By Les Major, November 8, 2013 0

For the launch of Blizzcon 2013 today, it was revealed that World of Warcraft’s newest expansion would be Warlord of Draenor! I know what you’re thinking, you’ve already been to Outland. However this seems to be the Draenor of the past, focusing on the world rather than a revised Outland. How this time traveling story unravels is still something we’re waiting to hear full details on.

So what does the new expansion hold? Read on to see the animated announcement trailer and some of the details within. (more…)

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By Les Major, August 27, 2013 0

As many of you know, I was a huge fan of the Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War novel by Christie Golden. Unsurprisingly the events in that book and seemingly the following title Vol’jin Shadows of the Horde (I haven’t read it yet but it does seem to fit the current WoW story) fit into actual World of Warcraft lore.

Odds are if you’re reading this, you’re already a big WoW fan anyway, but if you’ve been out of the game for awhile the info below may contain spoilers. Or if nothing else, a good glipse at the future of Azeroth. (more…)

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By Les Major, May 20, 2013 0

Fresh from our review of Christie Golden’s fantastic Jaina Proudmoore story, we’re happy to announce that the next physical Warcraft novel is on the way. This time, author Michael A. Stackpole is tackling a story focused on Vol’jin, leader of the Darkspear trolls. Considering the inclusion of Vol’jin and other disgruntled Horde members in the Tides of War book, this does seem like a natural progression for readers. (more…)

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By Les Major, May 12, 2013 0

It should be no surprise that Christie Golden’s latest World of Warcraft book is a masterpiece. Perfect not only as fantasy fiction, but more so as a piece of literature itself. I’ll get more into that later. Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War is a defining moment in the lore Warcraft fans have come to know and love. After the Cataclysm had drawn so many together in a noble cause to save their world, that time has no passed and the world again is changing.

Instead of having the factions of Azeroth venture to Pandaria in Blizzard’s latest expansion, they are doing so in the throes of a return to war. The seemingly complacent time during the Cataclysm, when all eyes were turned to a common enemy has lead through into a return to the struggle Warcraft fans have dealt with all these many years. (more…)

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By Les Major, May 3, 2013 0

The latest World of Warcraft novel by Christie Golden is an absolute treat, and now you can purchase it in travel size! Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War is now available as a paperback novel. Our upcoming review will go into detail on just how awesome this book is, but I can safely say it’s definitely worth a read. I’m sure fantasy fans in general can enjoy it as a stand alone, but Warcraft fans especially will want to experience these latest moments in the war between the Alliance and the Horde for themselves. (more…)

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By Les Major, April 9, 2013 0

April 30th will see the paperback release of Christie Golden’s World of Warcraft: Tides of War novel so to celebrate I wanted to share this interview I came across on YouTube tonight. I’ve been reading and enjoying the hardcover release myself and will have a review coming down the road. Being a fan of Christie Golden’s writing for quite a number of years now it’s refreshing to hear an interview like this. If nothing else give the first eight minutes a listen before it gets into the in depth spoiler content. On a related side note, Starcraft II: Flashpoint also by Christie Golden will be released in paperback this May. Read on for the interview. (more…)

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By Rae Michelle Langdon, December 21, 2012 0

World of Warcraft players have been enjoying Mists of Pandaria since its launch his past fall and have been waiting for the next batch of new content. Blizzard has now teased about patch 5.2 in their annual holiday message to players. Actually, message is probably not accurate because it is more of a teaser image. Along with the image Blizzard announced that 5.2 will go live on the Public Test Realm in early January before becoming widely available to all players.

Players expect that 5.2 will bring a new raid centered around The Thunder King as well as a lifting of some of the restrictions on transmogrification and further improvements to PVP Combat.

Check out their holiday teaser image after the jump! (more…)

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By Jason Bassett, October 8, 2012 0

Have you been playing World of Warcraft recently? Do you have the latest expansion Mists of Pandaria? Are you sitting there reading this and getting mad? Then you’ve probably hit the Mists of Pandaria hacker today on World of Warcraft.

So, here’s the story by Dual Shockers: A level one player managed to hack the game to get to fly around the city and start killing innocent bystanders that just happened to be at the Alliance capitol city: Stormwind. Why was he doing it? Well, we do not have that information at this time, heck, we don’t even have the player that was doing it. What makes this even weirder, is that there Blizzard was working on a fix that would stop players from being stuck on the world connection screen. Pretty weird, eh? Is that a coincidence somehow?

It seems that Blizzard is still looking into this issue and have already rolled out the fix for the connection issues. We’ll update you more as soon as we hear anything. You might want to stay away from Stormwind for a while in the meantime.

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By Les Major, September 25, 2012 0

The magical words appared in World of Warcraft announcing Mists of Pandaria had launched! Sadly I watched as my guild mates ran off to make Pandaren monks, however I figured I’d go check out the action around Stormwind. I was delighted to learn that Battle Pet Trainers would train my character even though I don’t have the expansion! What followed has almost been an hour of awesome collecting action! (more…)

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By Les Major, September 25, 2012 0

Stuck at work, missed the midnight launch, and want to know what you’ll be getting with your MoP box when you rush into the game store later on today? We’ve got you covered! I just picked up my standard edition of the game and here are some images from the unboxing. (more…)

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