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Lightning Returns to Final Fantasy

As if we didn’t get enough of the Final Fantasy XIII goodness, we get another call to action from Square Enix. Tonight, Square Enix formally announces LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII. This will be the final game in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. If you head over to visit Square Enix’s site, you will find a video […]

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

Price Reduction For The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

With the holiday season getting ever crowded with big name titles like Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, Halo 4, etc… Sometimes there are titles that are overlooked because of people’s budgets or other things. Atlus and Frogwares are looking to lighten the load on your wallet as they have announced today that The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes […]

Persona 4: The Card Battle

Persona 4 Now Has A Card Game

Atlus’s Persona 4 has had a manga, anime, fighting game, Vita port, and now, it can add a card game to the list. Persona 4: The Card Battle is an aptly named mobile game for the Android, iOS, and other such devices. It’ll feature over 400 cards based on the original PS2 RPG. Unfortunately, the […]

Windows 8

Microsoft Announces The First Windows 8 Titles

Announced today by Microsoft was the lineup of Windows 8 games that will be coming out when Windows 8 releases later this year. A total of 40 games will be available in the first wave when Windows 8 launches. I don’t know if you are like me, but my question was do they have achievements? […]

Borderlands 2

Get To Know Borderlands 2 With Sir Hammerlock

Borderlands 2 seems to be everywhere in the news these days… I guess it’s because we’re only a few short weeks away from the official launch on September 18th. Unless you live under a skag pile you’re bound to have heard numerous things about Borderlands 2. For those of you living under that skag pile […]


Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC No-Show On PS3? Bethesda Comments

Bethesda’s Dawnguard DLC for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out for Xbox for close to a month already but the future of the add-on on PS3’s future is in doubt due to a technical problem on the console. The save game frame rate glitch on PS3 is what many consider could be the problem.


First Dead Island: Riptide Details Emerge

Hot off the press from my fabulous Deep Silver contact, we have the first bit of information on the storyline and gameplay elements of Dead Island: Riptide.  Our same four familiar faces play the main roles, with a fifth character, complete with a new skillset different than the others, joining the fray as well.  The […]


Escape Goat makes a break for browsers, Steam Greenlight

It might be a little early for starting the weekend, but MagicalTimeBean’s puzzle platformer Escape Goat is temporarily available to play in full on the game’s website. Escape Goat started life as an Xbox Live Indie Game, before making it to the PC and included in June’s Indie Royale bundle. Now ported to HTML 5 and running in […]


Torchlight 2 Releases on September 20

This year’s other long awaited hack and slash sequel finally has a release date, as devolpers Runic Games took to their fourms to announce a September 2o release date for Torchlight II.  The date sees the game just beating out the Fall Equinox to make the team’s oft projected Summer 2012 release frame. And after a long devolpment […]


GameStop Opening A Vintage Online Store?

At the first ever GameStop Expo in San Antonio, Texas this year, CEO Paul Raines revealed some interesting details in an interview with Polygon. The possible expansion into vintage games. It’s not official yet, but it’s an excellent business decision if GameStop does in fact decide to open up a vintage online store. Assuming their […]


Dead Island Developers Announce: Project Hell

Techland, famous for that little game we know as Dead Island, has announced that they have a “side project” that they are working on to launch as a new IP – codenamed: Project Hell. Project Hell started off as a weapon mod for Dead Island. It has grown into a side project that a dedicated team of […]

Family Guy Screenshot_Space Station 1

Brian Griffin Blasts Chickens In Family Guy: RTTM Screens

Family Guy‘s ready to cut away to obscure 80s pop culture on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC with the release of Activision’s Family Guy: Road to the Multiverse due out this fall. This is the second time the Griffin Family have graced home consoles. When the series was re-launched in 2005, The Family […]


Borderlands 2 Season Pass Information

2K Games have officially announced that Borderlands 2 will include a season pass. Not to be confused with an Online Pass, the Season Pass isn’t required to buy for the game but doing so, will net you future dlc at a lesser price than buying each individually. The Borderlands 2 Season Pass will include four […]


Team Bondi returns with first glimpse of new game

L.A Noire devolpers Team Bondi have left a helpful clue on what we can expect from their next game, though you hardly need to be a detective to find it. The team updated their website recently with a few new details of their next project, currently targeting release on next generation systems as well as […]


Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Announced

During the Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary announcement today, Hideo Kojima announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (yes, that’s ‘Zeroes’). According to Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu (translated by Andriasang), the game will be taking place an in open world setting using Kojima Productions brand new Fox Engine and will be available on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. There has […]

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