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Team Bondi returns with first glimpse of new game

L.A Noire devolpers Team Bondi have left a helpful clue on what we can expect from their next game, though you hardly need to be a detective to find it.

The team updated their website recently with a few new details of their next project, currently targeting release on next generation systems as well as PC.. Set in Shanghai in 1936, the locale should be familiar territory that rivals L.A Noire’s Los Angeles in the seedy vice category, always something to consider when moving to a new area or deciding where to set your game.

The team is also in is in the process of gathering a new team to make the game and is courting employees with art, animation and programming backgrounds.

Intriguingly, a Warner Bros. logo can be seen in the corner of the site, suggesting a potential publisher for the game, along with copyright information for KMM, an Australian production house responsible for the Happy Feet movies and a long in development Mad Max follow-up.

It remains to be seen if the team’s next game will mirror the tulmotous devolpment of their previous hit, both in development length and in controversy over management, and if the absence of any involvement of Rockstar Games has any impact on the title.

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