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All Chucklefish Games are on sale!

Chucklefish, the creators of the hit game Starbound have a sale on the following games through the holidays. Starbound – Save 33% – Steam Wanderlust Adventures – Save 34% – Steam Risk of Rain – Save 50% – Steam Interstellaria – […]


Progress Of The Starbound Beta

Chucklefish, the developer behind the recent Terraria-like space adventure, has kept beta players going with lots of fast and furious updates. They’ve actually apologized for a slow update progress, which is surprising since they only released the beta on December […]


Starbound’s Beta Has Launched

Planet hopping, Terraria like side scrolling explorer game Starbound has launched into beta and is now available on Steam. It’s so new all the information doesn’t even seem to be filled out yet on Steam such as requirements and the […]


Starbound Beta Available Tomorrow

What is Starbound? Imagine having randomly created worlds to explore that you can visit in your space ship in a Terraria like fashion of gameplay. Creatures and weapons are even procedurally generated to give the alien worlds a truly unexpected […]