Starbound Beta Available Tomorrow

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Les Major

What is Starbound? Imagine having randomly created worlds to explore that you can visit in your space ship in a Terraria like fashion of gameplay. Creatures and weapons are even procedurally generated to give the alien worlds a truly unexpected and explorable feeling. On top of that, of course you can build your own structures like in Terraria and Minecraft. Sound fantastic? We certainly think it sounds like it! There’s even quests to complete to keep you busy.

Currently Starbound is available to pre-order on both the main Starbound website and on the newly created Humble Store (by the creators of Humble Bundle). Each store offers a $15 version, but the official site also has additional tiers you can buy into as well!

Tomorrow, Starbound will be coming to Steam’s early access program. Of course as with any beta game, go easy on it since it is still in production. However from the recent article on Starbound’s website, the beta version looks quite functional.

We’ve kept an eye on this title for a long time and we’re definitely looking forward to it’s release!

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