December 10, 2013

Nintendo 3DS eShop eSsues

Posted on December 10, 2013 by Jason Nason

Some users have been posting about issues connecting to the Nintendo’s 3DS eShop following yesterday’s 3DS update, which added Miiverse and Nintendo Network IDs to the portable gaming device. The issue was also posted by Game Informer and was also experienced with us here as well.

Last night immeditely after the update I signed up for a Nintendo Network ID and had no issues getting into the eShop. My previous balance carried over to my new NNid without difficulty.

This afternoon howerver I received the following error message when trying to access the eShop:

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Pokémon Visual Companion To The TV Show Available Today

Posted on December 10, 2013 by Les Major

Released today, BradyGames has compiled a wonderful companion to the Pokémon TV series. Sure, you’re probably thinking, you’ve got the internet so why do you need this book. It’s actually quite a great collection that focuses on events of the show making for an enjoyable book of memories. The book takes a broad view to show what the world of Pokémon from the start to Black and White is like in the TV series instead of being an episode by episode guide. This is more of a generalized guide that fills you in on characters, some past events, and the Pokémon of the various regions.

Considering it’s quite a lengthy hard cover book, and in general feels like a fan guide rather than a kids book, it’s quite a steal for just over $10 currently on Amazon. For those of us who have been into the series all these years, this is quite a treat!


Progress Of The Starbound Beta

Posted on December 10, 2013 by Les Major

Chucklefish, the developer behind the recent Terraria-like space adventure, has kept beta players going with lots of fast and furious updates. They’ve actually apologized for a slow update progress, which is surprising since they only released the beta on December 4th and this is already the second patch sent out today. Perhaps there was mention of an update sooner on their forums or such.

So far Starbound has been lots of fun! Unlike Terraria, you planet hop in your space ship you can beam up to from each planets surface. Things such as coal and wood can power your ships fuel up, allowing you to go out into a star chart and pick what planet you want to visit next. Also, planets are looping environments, so there’s no massive ocean blocking off either side of the map. Read on for Read More


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