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Saint’s Row IV New DLC Details

Saint’s Row IV new DLC will be releasing this October the 23rd, owners of the Season’s Pass will automatically receive the DLC, titled Enter the Dominatrix, a mockumentary style expansion that was originally going to be part of Saint’s Row: The Third, but was decided to be large enough to be its own standalone game.Saint’s Row inheritors Deep Silver saw fit to include many elements of the expansion into the core of what became Saint’s Row IV, the remains being showcased in the DLC.

Deep Silver described Enter the Dominatrix in their own words:

“In this alternate take on the Zin invasion storyline, Zinyak and the legions of his alien empire trap the Saints in a virtual world run by a mad AI program known as the Dominatrix.

“In order to thwart her nefarious schemes and escape to the real world, the Saints will have to counter her army of gimps and sex-workers, shut down her demented simulation, and make unlikely allies along the way.”

Deep Silver also released details on the next story expansion, titled How the Saints Saved Christmas, which will be released later this year.


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