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Community Created Battlefield 4 Map Deployed

I’m sure of one thing – that the Battlefield community certainly is passionate about one of their favorite games, Battlefield 4. Developers at DICE LA have been working with the community for the past six months on a brand new […]


PS4 To Recieve price Cut In Europe

It often seems that with consoles Europe gets left in the dust, so it usually comes as no surprise when months after a US price decrease the same thing is finally applied to Europe. Such is the case again with […]


Celebrate Back To The Future Day With Rocket League And The Iconic DeLorian on October 21st

As every Back to the Future fan knows, this year on October 21st, 2015 Marty McFly arrives in the future from 1985. To celebrate this momentous occasion developer Psyonix is releasing a special DeLorian themed car pack for Rocket League. I’m […]


Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Priced at $50

Just when we thought we had all the Star Wars news we could handle EA has released the price for their season pass. The price will be 50$ The four map packs that have been announced so far. The Collection of […]


Here’s What To Expect From The Street Fighter V Beta

Are you looking forward to Street Fighter V’s upcoming beta test? Depending on the region you reside in there are a number of different ways for you to get your hands on a portion of Capcom’s latest brawler before release. […]


Celebrate 20 Years of PlayStation In The Most Adorable Way Possible

The PlayStation celebrated 20 years of gaming over this past weekend with the PlayStation Experience capping off the festivities. Alongside all of the big announcements Sony also released this adorable little video featuring some of the key gaming moments from […]


PS Vita Receives $50 Price Cut, Memory Cards Also Slashed

Owning a PS Vita is about to get more financially feasible with the announcement of a $50 price cut across the board. In addition to the price cut for the system, Sony also revealed that the system’s proprietary memory cards […]


PlayStation 4 Console Design Revealed

Sony Executive Andrew House took the stage just moments ago to announce the console design for the PlayStation 4. Gamers have been waiting since February to see the design of the console, which may sit under their televisions in just […]


Sony Recaps The Life of PlayStation In 3 New Videos

Sony’s PlayStation brand has stood the test of time, lasting more than 15 years, despite some out of the gate hiccups with the current generation. It is widely rumored that the PlayStation 4 will be unveiled tomorrow at the “See […]


Raiden is in Playstation All Stars Battle Royal

Needed a Metal Gear Solid fix today? We’ve got one for ya! Today Sony and Superbot Entertainment announced that Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid franchise will indeed be slicing his way into the game. You can view the full video […]


Mo-Cap Artist Pegs Playstation Battle Royale For a Fall Release

Could Sucker Punch’s electrically charged everyman Cole Mcgrath be making an appearance in Playstation Battle Royale? Eric Ladin, the man behind Cole’s moves (read: his Mo-Cap artist) tweeted yesterday that he was in the studio performing as Cole, but not […]


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Revealed

Sony has stepped up to bat with their new Sony property fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. What this game is, is essentially taking characters from different Sony licenses and putting them together and having them fight each other, much […]


Playstation Vita Firmware Updated to Version 1.65

Sony just updated their blog confirming that a new firmware update has been released for the Playstation Vita. The changes are posted after the break.