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NBA 2K13 | Review

It’s October so it’s probably that time again for Visual Concepts and 2K Sports annual iteration of the NBA 2K series with NBA 2K13. NBA 2K13 was released on October 2nd across all major platforms (360, Wii, PS3, PC, Mobile, […]


Madden NFL 13 | Review

Just as the sun always comes up in the morning, there’s a new Madden game out every year. Back when Madden NFL 12 was released, I heard some people mutter the words, “another year, another Madden.” Admittedly, I haven’t played a Madden game in […]


Skullgirls | Review

Punch, kick, it’s all in the input. That’s what could be said of the Reverge Games’ explosive new fighter, Skullgirls. On the surface this Autumn Games’ published title will look like any other all-female cast fighting game in the same […]


Max Payne 3 | Review

It has been nine long years since we last left the Max Payne series, the thrilling cinematic franchise with a dark and twisting story. Max Payne invented one of the most imitated and never again perfected shooter mechanics, bullet time. […]


Trials Evolution | Review

How many of us have had that “just one more” experience from a game? Just about any loot drop game sorta drives those feelings, finding yourself up at ungodly hours just trying to find that one piece to complete your […]


New El Shaddai Game Teased

Ignition Entertainment Japan has begun teasing a new project for the El Shaddai franchise. A newly launched teaser website hints at the new project with some brand new concept art. The artwork shows five different characters standing next to each […]


Bioware Once Planned a Multiplayer Mass Effect FPS

Bioware Montreal was hard at work on a brand new entry in the Mass Effect series aimed at the multiplayer market according to the newly released The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 by GameTrailer’s Geoff Keighly. Work on the […]