Bioware Once Planned a Multiplayer Mass Effect FPS

Bioware Montreal was hard at work on a brand new entry in the Mass Effect series aimed at the multiplayer market according to the newly released The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 by GameTrailer’s Geoff Keighly. Work on the multiplayer mode eventually shifted into what appeared in the final product according to the The Final Hours.

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The game was titled Mass Effect Team Assault and was under development for 4 months during 2010. The play was an arena style game in the vein of Unreal Tournament or Battlefield 1943. Players would have chosen sides and battled against each other.

In The Final Hours Keighly said:

“The goal was simple to create a standalone multiplayer experience in the Mass Effect universe that would mix the play styles of Unreal Tournament and Battlefield 1943 — and likely be released as a downloadable game.”

Keighly’s brand new release might other stories that are as sexy or tantalizing as the cancelation of Team Assault it does document the process behind the game and features some pretty awesome peaks into the Bioware offices.

Source: Kotaku

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