Strikefleet Omega Launching June 21

Harebrained Schemes‘ mobile spaceship strategy title, Strikefleet Omega, launces on all iOS and Android devices on June 21. The game is free to download, with in-game purchases possible, though Harebrained has given no specific information about what will be available on launch day. “The title is designed with hardcore players in mind, while utilizing the best elements of mobile gaming for an epic space adventure – with nothing less than the fate of humanity at stake.”

  • Hours of gameplay as players defend humanity against relentless alien hordes across 40+ campaign levels
  • Includes Survival Mode, where players lead Humanity’s last stand and combat endless waves of the Hive Queen’s forces. Combat against new enemies not found in the Campaign Mode
  • A fleet with over a dozen different ships, all with plenty of upgrades available
  • Clever strategies to take on nearly 20 enemy unit types, from small fighters to massive engines of destruction
  • Launching and creating paths for squadrons while engineers mine asteroids for precious warp crystals and man fire devastating area-effect artillery salvos
  • A blend of action and strategy with a simple, intuitive touch screen interface
  • Play a game designed by gamers, for gamers

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