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Will Xbox Infinity Be Microsoft’s New Console Title?

The UK branch of the International Business Times has reported that it seems the next Xbox may be called Xbox Infinity. The above logo however hasn’t been confirmed, and has even been called into question by a user on VG […]


Next Xbox Reveal Due May 21st, 2013

Rumors and anticipation of Microsoft’s next home console will wither to a halt on May 21st. This was confirmed today by Microsoft stating ‘A New Generation Revealed’ on Tuesday, May 21st at 1pm ET/10am PT/6pm GMT. The conference will stream on […]


RUMOR: Next Xbox Won’t Be “Online All The Time”

So here we are again with the rumors surrounding the next console from Microsoft. Durango, NextBox, Xbox, Xbox 720…whatever you want to call it. We know that many gamers and loyal fans have all but jumped ship in spite of […]


Gamestop CEO Says ‘Xbox 720’ Is HOT!

And no, we don’t mean Red Ring Of Death hot either.  According to GameIndustry, who spoke with the Gamestop CEO over a earnings call, the retailer has been hand in hand with Microsoft and their unannounced next-gen console. J. Paul Raines, […]


Next Xbox Runs Multiple Games At Once, Requires Kinect

The race towards the next-generation is heating up, and whether or not Sony or Microsoft will acknowledge it, gamers will get their first tastes of their next home consoles in just a few short weeks with Sony’s “see the future” […]


Is the Next Xbox Anti-Consumer?

It’s not often that I like to express myself on rumors; with that being said, this one has floated around for a while: the elimination of used games. Now before you go grabbing your pitchforks and go on a witch […]


Xbox “720” Rumors Spill Out As Xbox World Nears It’s End

One of the many unfortunate things in this industry is that we see many developers, publishers, and even gaming industry media outlets being shut down year after year. It seems like that number is on the rise even more so […]


Durango Development Kit Spotted on Ebay

An EBay user going by the handle of SuperDae has posted an Xbox “Durango” development kit on Ebay that has sold for an astonishing $20,000.  It is unknown if this auction is the real deal, but pictures of a supposed […]