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Arma 2: Combined Operations Patch Released

After Day Z came out, Arma 2: Combined Operations has sold, and this is just a rough estimate, about a bazillion copies. In fact, it always seemed to be in the top 5 best sellers of the latest Steam summer […]


Arma 2: Combined Operations Contest Winners Announced

We brought in a member of Bohemia Interactive to pick the winners from Friday’s competition. Here is what operative “Korneel” had to say: I loved the effort and the answers. There were 4 which really caught my eye. Therefore, as […]


ARMA 2: Combined Operations Contest

First off, Ray has until 5PM CST today to claim his prize from Monday’s contest. After that, we’re giving the prize out via our steam group. Today we’ll be giving out two codes for a free copy of Arma 2: […]