Arma 2: Combined Operations Contest Winners Announced

Posted on May 14, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

We brought in a member of Bohemia Interactive to pick the winners from Friday’s competition. Here is what operative “Korneel” had to say:

I loved the effort and the answers. There were 4 which really caught my eye. Therefore, as a very special exception, I am giving you two extra A2:CO codes to distribute.

My picks are:
Athanasios (Literally the only possible flaw in his plan is the fact that Jarmen Kell, due to his age, might not be flexible enough to imitate the look of a human stomach or a padded human sausage ;-))
Fearpoint (The scarce-vodka-supply-rumour works like a charm!)
Sorophx (You thought of all the angles – We’d gladly assign you to this mission)
Ksim3000 (You’ve mastered the political game!)

Good luck and all the best!

So, you four are our winners. Please send me an email at to claim your prize. I’ve already received emails from Fearpoint and Ksim about other matters, so I’ll recognize their addresses. However, I’d appreciate it if Athanasisos and Sorophx commented in this article to confirm that they’ve emailed me. We don’t want OPFOR stealing your hard earned Arma2 copies.

Arma 2 Bohemia Interactive Contest



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