ARMA 2: Combined Operations Contest

Posted on May 11, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

First off, Ray has until 5PM CST today to claim his prize from Monday’s contest. After that, we’re giving the prize out via our steam group.

Today we’ll be giving out two codes for a free copy of Arma 2: Combined Operations from Bohemia Interactive’s online store. To enter the contest read the scenario below and describe how you would tackle it. The winners will be announced in a post on Monday. You may read the scenario after the jump.

Your target is Colonel Aziz, also known as General Bad Guy. He spent untold millions on his golden revolver, his lavish villa, and his fancy parties. Meanwhile, his people are forced to eat ramen noodles. This cannot stand. Your mission is to take him out. Below you’ll find Information about his daily routine, his forces, and your forces.


To plan your assault, you’ll need to know how Aziz spends his days. You’ll find the available intel below.

Aziz likes to start his day with a visit to the grand mosque where he promotes interfaith dialogue. Major news networks are always there covering this event, so it might not be the best time to attack.

After that, he likes to have a quick lunch in a T-72. Next, he usually visits the dam that Russian engineers are building for him. This is followed by observing a brief tank parade before giving a speech at one of the many factories that produce gaudy party favors for his repressive regime.

Finally, Aziz ends his day with a party. He’ll be living it up with babes and starring at Frank Frazetta paintings while the masses have to watch an endless torrent of TV cop shows.


Obviously Aziz is an unsavory and well defended character. Below you can see the forces at his disposal.

Aziz himself is armed with a golden gun. It’s a one hit kill and he’s a very good shot. He had it made after playing a lot of Goldeneye in 1998.

A company of Spetsnaz have been spotted doing barrel rolls around the dam site.

Additionally, Aziz has several T-72, T-55, and T-34 tanks. He also has a few BMP-2s as well as a handful of 2K22 Tunguska self propelled anti aircraft weapons. A private Military Company has also been hired to protect Aziz and his VIP guests. They’ve sent a few experienced operators to help with security. Finally, he has a constant entourage of at least a platoon of conscripts.


You will have a few forces at your disposal. They are detailed below.

First off you have a squad of marines and an AAVP7A1 at your disposal.

Next, you have a couple Strykers donated by the US Army.

Finally, there is the woman known only as “Euro Woman 2.” She is on the guest list for all of Aziz’s parties.

Additionally, you may use one of the following units:

  1. An Apache AH1.
  2. A squad of KSK troops.
  3. An old man with a bolt action Lee Enfield rifle. His name is Jarmen Kell and he claims to be a really good shot.

Are you bad enough to take Aziz down and win a copy of Arma 2? Let us hear your plans.

Arma 2 Bohemia Interactive Contest



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