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Rodina Lets You Travel Between Planets Too

While checking out No Man’s Sky on Steam about a week ago, the recommended section lead to me a title called Rodina. Released just over two years ago, it’s also a space adventure that lets you take control of a […]


The Book of Unwritten Tales: Review

In the humble year of 2009 a little known German company, King Art, went forth on the great task of breathing fresh air into what has otherwise been a stale and stagnated genre of fantasy adventure. The journey was long, […]


Resonance Review

I’m indifferent, actually, towards point-and-click adventure games and visual novels. But, if it has a great story, likable characters, and lots of humor, I’ll at least try it. That being said, Resonance has to be one of the best point-and-click […]


Sorcery | Review

When Sony first showed us the Play Station Move at E3 2010 there was one demo that caught everyone’s attention: Sorcery. In this demo we saw just what the Move was capable of. It could detect a variety of motions […]


Yesterday | Review

If Tim Schaffer’s Kickstarter campaign wasn’t proof enough that the point and click adventure genre is not dead, then we have a new contender. Yesterday was developed by Pendulo Studios, a company who clearly still believes in and loves the […]