Author: Chelsea Richards, Author at Broken Joysticks


See Ramza Beoulve In Action in Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Lion War is not the only place we can see the Beoulve’s exploits. Nomura’s announcement for Ramza joining the Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade cast (thankfully without eighteen belts, but at least he has a nose!) was made almost a year […]


This year was great, but when can I play all of these games?

Let’s be real, 2015 was a fantastic year for gaming. Of course, there were some misses like the monetization for Battlefront and EVOLVE, and… whatever the hell happened to the PC release of Arkham Knight. But, stepping away from those, […]


Just Cause 3 | Review

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4 Planning on blowing up DRM? You’ll need a Demolitions Permit, or a Just Cause. The premise: The franchise’s protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, returns to his home, the fictional nation of Medici, which is now ruled by an oppressive […]


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Review

StarCraft’s Legacy Left No Void. After seventeen and a half years, StarCraft has certainly been with some of us for a long time. A good chunk of us may have enjoyed passing around a single copy and “Spawning” others on […]


Heavensward! FFXIV: A Realm Reborn teases its first expansion

Square Enix has had one busy weekend, with the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival giving us lots of big news, with regards to its MMO that successfully relaunched last August under the same name. The new expansion is set to […]