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Learn The Fundamentals In This Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Trailer

Strategy games have been pretty much hit or miss when it comes to the console market. Bohemia Interactive is looking to hit the mark when they release Carrier Command: Gaea Mission this year. Here is a trailer showing you the […]


Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Teaser Trailer Released

Bohemia Interactive just released a nebulous teaser trailer for their upcoming real time strategy game/ vehicle simulator hybrid Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. As the name suggests, this is a remake of 1988’s Carrier Command. The basic gist of the game […]


Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Beta goes Live

Bohemia Interactive has just opened up its “play and contribute” beta for people who pre-order Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. The game is a remake of Carrier Command, a vehicle simulation/RTS hybrid from 1988. Further details from the press release follow […]