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Space Survival Game – Hellion – Gets First Major Update

Fans of the survival genre have a lot of choices when it comes to meeting their needs, and I’m not just talking about filling the stamina, health and water gauges either. Hellion, a sci-fi themed space survival title recently released […]


Awesome Music On Today’s Steam Sale

Are you a fan of RPG Maker VX Ace and really need some great music for your video game project? Well today is your day! Not only is the software itself on for a discount price of $23.79, but Joel […]


Steam Summer Sale Deals for July 19th

Well, yesterday’s plot didn’t work out so well, and the Steam Sale marches on. I’ve been thinking about ways to stop this ravager of wallets. Perhaps I’ll start a Kickstarter project to bring an end to these deals. The basic […]


Steam Summer Sale Deals For July 18th

The Steam Summer Sale continues despite my best attempts at monkeywrenching. In fact, I used all the knowledge at my disposal. For instance, while cutting my cable company’s fiber optic lines, I made certain to cut a section of wire […]


Steam Summer Sale Deals For July 17th

I had hoped that, by not talking about the Steam Summer Sale for a few days, it’d go away. Alas, Rae wrote about it and the curse continues. Will my wallet ever be safe from Valve’s villainous deals? Will any […]


Steam Summer Sale 07 16 2012: RAGE, AOE 3 & Dear Esther

A few hit games from last year are on sale at crazy discounted prices in today’s Steam Summer Sale. IF you missed out on ID Software’s RAGE or Ubisoft’s latest Assassin’s Creed title then now is your chances to pick […]


Steam Summer Sale Deals for July 14th

As I feared, the Steam summer sale has continued, and it shows no signs of abating before the 22nd. I tried to fight it, but I eventually gave into the temptation and bought some games. My friend better enjoy Space […]


Steam Summer Sale Deals for July 13th

Shortly after 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time, the Steam Summer Sale of 2012 began its second day. The carnage is unspeakable, as Valve continues to ravage the wallets of countless PC gamers. I was even suckered into partaking in one […]


Steam Summer Sale Begins

It was bound to happen sooner or later. The Steam Summer Sale has officially started. Are you ready to throw money at GabeN? There are a few changes from the last couple of sales. First off, there are no achievement […]