Steam Summer Sale Deals for July 19th

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

Well, yesterday’s plot didn’t work out so well, and the Steam Sale marches on. I’ve been thinking about ways to stop this ravager of wallets. Perhaps I’ll start a Kickstarter project to bring an end to these deals. The basic concept is that I will build some sort of giant magnet as well as a “mancannon.” We’ll suck out Valve employees with the magnet and shoot them into the Puget Sound with the mancannon, forcing Gabe Newell to end this madness. I’m estimating that this will cost several million dollars and can only hope that EA’s Senior Vice President of Global Ecommerce, David DeMartini, will donate a few million to help get this started.

That being said, you may see today’s deals below.

Alan Wake Franchise 75% off ($9.99)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent 75% off ($4.99)

Fallout: New Vegas 75% Off ($4.99)

Gratuitous Tank Battles 66% off ($6.79)- in a bundle with Gratuitous Space Battles for $10.19

Krater 50% off ($7.49)

Indie Bundle VIII 75%off ($9.99)

Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition 75% off ($2.49)

Sniper Elite V2 50% off ($24.99)

The Witcher 2 60% off ($15.99)- The original is only $2.49


Indie Bundle VIII includes

Demolition Inc.


SOL: Exodus

Swords and Soldiers HD

Wings of Prey




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