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Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remastered PC Port Now Available

Posted on November 28, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Square Enix has officially launched the Windows PC and PlayStation 4 port of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Available exclusively through online retailers like Steam and the PlayStation Network, Star Ocean: The Last Hope takes all of the content from the 2009 original, adds all the extras from the 2010 PS3 release and gives it a touch-up thanks to brand new assets + support for up to 4K resolution. 

In addition to a 10% launch discount, Square is offering PC players a free “mini soundtrack” featuring select tracks from the game for those who purchase before December 12th. PlayStation owners have until January 8th to secure their digital bonuses which include a Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope PS4 theme and 12 profile avatars. The 10% launch discount will be discontinued on all platforms after December 12th however. 

Check out the launch trailer for the game below. 


Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope Confirmed For PS4 and Steam Next Month    

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Players will be able to venture towards the stars once again with the impending 4K UHD remaster of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope on both Windows PC via Steam and PlayStation 4. Square Enix confirmed this morning via press release that this HD remaster will be available digitally on November 28th in North America. 

In addition to cleaned up textures and the addition of visual quality sliders on PC, Star Ocean 4 on PC will also support resolutions up to 4K, Steam Achievements and a downloadable bonus “mini-soundtrack” bundled with the game. A post-launch 10% discount will be available on Steam alongside the mini-soundtrack only until December 12th. PlayStation owners can also get a similar 10% discount on the PlayStation Store as well as a PS4 Star Ocean theme and 12 Character Avatars for their profiles. PlayStation bonuses are available until January 12thStar Ocean 4: The Last Hope 4K HD Remaster will be priced at an MSRP of $20.99 USD. 

Star Ocen 4: The Last Hope was originally released as an Xbox 360 exclusive back in Feb 2009 on an at the time staggering 3 DVDs (remember when MS used to court Japanese developers for exclusives? Yeah that was shortlived). It was followed a year later with the release of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International for PS3 which included additional music tracks, animated character portraits for party members and both Japanese / English vocal tracks.


Square Enix Announces Star Galaxy

Posted on December 11, 2012 by Jason Bassett

Square Enix officially announced Star Galaxy. A brand new social game that will work in-tune with your browser of choice. The entire page is mostly in Japanese and it’s was pretty hard to gauge at first read. The trailer that they provided didn’t help matters either with all the Japanese text. But, on the very bottom of the page, it says that the system of choice is Windows 7, Vista and 8. It also works with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If you head over to the Twitter page, you’ll notice a lot of comments being aimed directly at Star Ocean; and it’s not pretty. Many people seem to be pretty pissed and/or disappointed over the result.

You can view the site here.

Original Story

Are you ready for a new Square Enix game announcement? Well, if you’re not, then you better be. Because Square Enix is about to lift the curtains on a…spacey game. If you head over to the countdown page, you’ll be treated to a new huge picture of space with a bunch of words on the right side. Not to mention the big clock and a Twitter feed running down at the bottom of the clock.

But what will the game be? Given the premise of the space shot, I would bet a lot of money on the game being a new Star Ocean. While the Star Ocean: The Last Hope received average reviews, we question on why they have gone back to the game when only 720,000 people bought the game. Regardless, Square Enix seems to be heading in that direction. We will have details as the announcement happens later in the day. So watch this space!


We’ll be updating this page when the game is announced. So stay right here!

10:09PM  – Ahhh…yeah…we’re still waiting for the big announcement. Twitter is ripping Square to bits… uh oh!


Square Enix Teases “New Title” – Possible Star Ocean?

Posted on December 8, 2012 by Joshua Rust

Is a new Star Ocean title in the works from Square Enix? Well, it’s possible. A new teaser site has popped up over on the Square Enix site with words “Star”, “Border War”, and “Divide” on the page. There is a countdown clock that sets the reveal date for next Tuesday, December 11, at 10 p.m. EST.

Currently there has only been one Star Ocean game that has hit this generation of consoles that received mixed responses from the gaming community – weighing in at 72/100 over on Metacritic. Personally, I think it was a pretty solid game. Nothing that would win any game of the year awards but it was fun to play. This is all in speculation that the “New Title” is in fact a Star Ocean game.

Guess it’s a matter of wait and see…until then, we’ll be patiently waiting for that countdown clock to hit zero. Be sure to stay tuned here for more information as it becomes available! Anyone interested in another Star Ocean game or is Mass Effect the only true space rpg for you?


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