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88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition | Review

On August 8th, 1988 at 8:08 am I was but an infant when one of the most terrible acts of evil was attempted. Doctor Evil H8 almost had destroyed the world unless he was delivered his demand of .$88 octillion […]


Harvest Moon coming to Switch, Steam, PS4 in 2017

Natsume and Rising Star Games today announced an all-new title in the long running Harvest Moon series, which will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PlayStation 4 later this year. The game will be called Harvest […]


Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop confirmed for May release

Rising Star Games today announced that Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is confirmed for retail box release on May 16th in North America on the Nintendo 3DS. A digital eShop release will quickly follow on May 18th. In partnership with Japanese […]


Mama cooks again this April on Nintendo 3DS

Rising Star Games today announced it has entered into a partnership with Japanese development studio Office Create, to bring the latest iteration of the Cooking Mama franchise to systems in the Nintendo 3DS. Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is planned for […]


Sadame | Review

When describing this game to a friend I told him that the game feels like playing Double Dragon, but set in Feudal Japan. While that’s not completely accurate, it does lend to the way that the game feels when you […]


Trailer: Rogue Class for Sadame

Rising Star Games has released another trailer for their upcoming RPG Sadame. The upcoming action/RPG title launches on February 25th to the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. In Sadame you’ll have a choice of four wildly unique playable characters to […]


First trailer for Sadame Released

Sadame comes to the Nintendo 3DS eShop next week, and developers Rising Star Games have published a video trailer for the upcoming action-RPG title. Rooted in the duty, discipline, and honor so entrenched within the way of the warrior (bushido), […]


Intense Japanese Action-RPG Sadame Set to Conquer America on Nintendo 3DS

Rising Star Japan announced today that it will bring the intense action-RPG Sadame to the U.S. and Europe on February 25th, exclusively on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Translating simply as ‘fate’, four warriors are called to battle with a […]