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11 Things That Have Changed In No Man’s Sky Since Launch

The next huge update to No Man’s Sky is about to hit all platforms at the end of the month on July 24th. We do know that No Man’s Sky: NEXT will be a full multiplayer experience that opens up […]


No Man’s Sky Devs Call Discussion Of Game ‘Dramatic’ And ‘Intense’

Hello Games, the developers behind the past summer’s highly anticipated space exploration title No Man’s Sky, have broken their nearly two month long silence since the game’s last major update. After shipping seven patches across PC & PlayStation developers at […]


No Man’s Sky Review: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Exploring

Review written by John Edward Bridgman – follow him on Twitter at @JEBWrench!   Finally, after all the speculation, articles, and setbacks, Hello Games’ space explorer No Man’s Sky is here. We are finally able to answer the question, “What is No […]


No mans sky pushed back to unknown date

Well, it was bound to happen. Massive space sim exploration game No Mans Sky, which some people have been waiting for since 2013, has been pushed back again. Kotaku first reported that the games date had been removed from promotional […]


No mans sky wont have a story, but its going to have lore

No mans sky is one of this years biggest games, but it doesn’t have a story per-say. The developer has confirmed that there will be no cut scenes, or other normal style of story telling in game, but that doesn’t […]


No Man’s Sky Releases June 2016

This new trailer for the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky from Hello Games does not disappoint. Everything from walking mechs, to battles with giant space creatures are showcased during this brief trailer. At the end of the trailer the developers […]