No mans sky pushed back to unknown date

Well, it was bound to happen. Massive space sim exploration game No Mans Sky, which some people have been waiting for since 2013, has been pushed back again. Kotaku first reported that the games date had been removed from promotional media, then several other sources, now its been confirmed via images from Game Stop.



The coming soon sticker over the old release date

Show of hands who is surprised here? No one? Thought so the studio behind No Mans Sky is TINY, like indie style tiny, but they are working to produce a game whose scale is basically unprecedented in gaming. The game has been hyped since it was revealed back in 2013, seeing extensive coverage everywhere from the Stephen Colbert show to The New Yorker. As of just a few days ago the release was supposed to be June, but now it seems that’s not going to happen. I will continue to hope that this is a delay for polish and not any of the other many reasons it could be. I never mind when a developer says, our game its not quite ready, so we need some time, what I do mind is when politics pushes a game back.

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