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Nintendo Denies That They Are Ending Wii U Production In Japan

Rumors popped up earlier this week that Nintendo would cease production of its nearly 4 year-old home console the Wii U by the end of this current calendar year according to a repors by Nikkei. To date Nintendo has sold […]


It doesn’t matter if the NX is a failure Nintendo will go on

Guest post by SZKO Have you ever heard of the term “Golden Parchute”? Well if not, a Golden Parachute is basically a contract between a C-level executive and a company that says if the executive screws up in running the […]


Byte 4 Games Working On “Mech Super eXtended” For Nintendo NX

Spanish developer Byte 4 Games appears to be working a new title for the as of yet unrevealed next console from Nintendo, codenamed “NX”. According to the project’s Game Designer / Director’s LinkedIn profile the studios’ unannounced NX projects may […]


Nintendo NX Rumour Roundup

The Nintendo NX is coming. The Nintendo NX is coming. Or at least that’s what the hype is online recently. While there have been a total of zero confirmed details surrounding Nintendo’s newest home console, a recent survey surfaced recently […]