Nintendo Denies That They Are Ending Wii U Production In Japan

Wii U Production Stop

Rumors popped up earlier this week that Nintendo would cease production of its nearly 4 year-old home console the Wii U by the end of this current calendar year according to a repors by Nikkei. To date Nintendo has sold over 12.6 million units worldwide since the console’s launch in 2012, one year prior to the launch of rival PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Nintendo has responded to these rumors by providing a statement to Japanese site itmedia media which refutes these claims. According to Nintendo:

“[the original article” isn’t an announcement from the company and production [of the Wii U home console] will continue beyond the next fiscal year.”

Nintendo’s next fiscal year will end on March 31st 2017. The Wii U’s successor, codenamed NX, is expected to launch before this date. Most rumors have pegged the new console for a reveal later this year alongside a holiday launch window.

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