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Fantastic Beasts Coming To Lego Dimensions This Month

Posted on November 10, 2016 by Les Major

Lego Fantastic Beasts Trailer

Releasing the same day as movie theaters bring viewers back into the Wizarding world that started in Harry Potter, Lego Dimensions is also getting swept up in the expanded universe adventure! The Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Story Pack will be available on November 18th. Story Packs are a new addition to this years Lego Dimensions line up. The first featured the 2016 Ghostbusters in a new six level adventure based on the movie. Fantastic Beasts follows suit with six levels based on the new movie, a free roam adventure world to explore, and a themed battle arena. These larger packs also include a replacement for the games portal build. So not only do you get a bunch of in game stuff to explore, you get a bunch of Lego to build a new back onto your Lego Dimensions portal!

Lego Fantastic Beasts Gateway

Along with a Newt Scamander figure, you also get a creature multi build which can be turned into a Niffler, a Sinister Scorpion, or a Vicious Vulture. As with all multi build goodies, these do actually save to the figures base. So when you rebuild the creature figure, you can then place them on the games portal to save that builds data.

Fantastic Beasts Figures

Personally I love when WB has releases like this. I remember long ago when Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King was released in theaters. After we’d watched the movie, I was able to surprise my wife with the video game out in the car. It’s fantastic having simultaneous releases like this.

Last night we were actually treated to a Fantastic Beasts event in downtown Toronto! As guests of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment we were able to check out some of the outfits from the movie on display and even play some multiplayer action in the battle arena this pack unlocks! We will have full coverage coming up soon on the event itself.

Lego Fantastic Beasts Story Pack

In the meantime, check out this Meet That Hero video featuring Gandalf introducing us to Fantastic Beasts!


Supergirl Introduces E.T. To LEGO Dimensions

Posted on September 14, 2016 by Les Major

Lego Dimensions ET

LEGO Dimensions is definitely an amazing way to experience various franchises, and on September 27th the new wave starts rolling out for even more content! That’s right, you don’t need to buy a whole new set to keep this party bouncing. These are just new fun packs and the like with adventure worlds to explore and some level packs as well in the mix! Coming later down the line E.T. is even joining the mix!

Check out the trailer below as Supergirl introduces us to the alien who wants to phone home!


Lego: Dimensions Wave 7 Includes Sonic, ET & Another 80’s Mainstay

Posted on July 25, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Warner Bros Interactive’s Lego Dimensions series successfully fused several unconnected famous properties into a well received toys to life last year. Now, the publisher is bringing one of gaming’s fastest mammals, a few 1980’s cultural icons and a shapeshifting dog from an apocalyptic future with the upcoming Wave 7.

SEGA’s 1990s iconic Sonic The Hedgehog, Steven Spielberg’s E.T: The Extraterrestrial, 1980’s cult film Gremlins, popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and J.K Rowling’s Fantastic Beast & Where To Find Them will all be receiving playsets that include franchise specific figures and playable levels.


Here is a small sampling of what WBIE plans to include in each of the Wave 7 playsets:

Sonic: The Hedgehog will include that series’ classic gameplay mechanics complete with blazing speeds. Players will be able to race through environments inspired by Greenhill Zone, Emerald Coast and others. Gameplay mechanics borrowed from the main Sonic titles include the ability to grind on rails (ala Sonic Adventure 2).

Musing muggles will be able to explore a slice of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise with the Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them playset. Based on the upcoming Warner Bros produced film this set includes access to six individual levels as Newt Scamander helps build the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA).

Fans of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time can take joy in the fact that Marceline The Vampire Queen will be getting her own Lego Minifig alongside two brand new abilities for her to use – Sonar Smash and Bolt Defender. The Adventure Time add-on pack will be exclusive to Toys R Us for a limited time in North America before it is available at other retailers.

More information about upcoming Lego Dimensions packs can be found on their official website. Lego Dimensions Wave 7 will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U.



Rumor: Sonic The Hedgehog Part of Lego Dimensions Series 2

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Could the Blue Blur make an appearance in the universe hopping Lego Dimensions toys to life games as part of the upcoming ‘series 2’ line of play sets? According Lego fan-site Brick Inquirer. See back in September, when the first version of Lego Dimensions launched a series of set “codenames” were leaked, one of which was labelled set “S1”. At the time it was believed that “S1” stood for The Simpsons but now fans have reason to believe otherwise.

Known Lego insider CM4Sci posted on fan-forum EuroBrick with the following little tidbit about our favorite hedgehog:

“Sonic’s coming !”, then a couple of minutes later replied again, “I also know for a fact Sonic is in if that confirms anything”

Last year’s launch of the original Lego: Dimensions saw add-on packs featuring characters from Back to the Future, Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Ghostbusters, Jurassic World and even a playset based upon Valve’s Portal franchise (Cake not included).


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