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Dragon Age III Bound For The Next Generation of Consoles?

Rumors, reported by Kotaku, state that Electronic Art’s next entry in the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age III, has shifted focused to the as unannounced Xbox 720 and PS4 rather this current generation of consoles. The source for this rumor […]


Dragon Age III: Inquisition Details & Concept Art

There have been rumors of what’s to come in Dragon Age III: Inquisition. Here are some new details that we know for sure. – It has been in pre-production longer than Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, or Mass Effect […]


Dragon Age 3 To Add Co-op?

First off, I want to clarify that this is clearly speculation and rumor at the current moment. But, if a recent social poll is to be believed it appears that the Dragon Age franchise could see co-op implemented into Dragon Age 3. While […]