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April Fools: BioWare Spelling Correction Reveals New Branding

Update: Not that this one wasn’t obvious, but this was an April Fools joke. Fantasy worlds will eventually develop fast food franchises however. Just imagine the menus! There’s no inquisition in the new Dragon Age game. However, there are dragons […]


Dragon Age 3 And Next Mass Effect Using Frostbite 3

Remember that absolutely beautiful Battlefield 4 video we saw just last week? Well the general manager for Bioware Edmonton and Montreal Aaryn Flynn has confirmed Dragon Age 3 and the next Mass Effect will use the same engine! This is […]


Dragon Age III: Inquisition Made Official

Rumors have swirled around a third Dragon Age game for months and now we finally have official details. Over on the Bioware Blog Mark Darrah announced that the game has been in some form of production since work on Dragon […]


Dragon Age 3 To Add Co-op?

First off, I want to clarify that this is clearly speculation and rumor at the current moment. But, if a recent social poll is to be believed it appears that the Dragon Age franchise could see co-op implemented into Dragon Age 3. While […]