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I went back to playing Diablo 3 and you should too

So I’ll admit it, I gave up on Blizzards latest Diablo game just over 4 months after it came out, I had hit the level cap, and wasn’t able to grind for the gear I needed in order to advance […]


Diablo 3 Season 5 Details, Starts January 15

Diablo 3 is one game that consistently has gotten better over the two years its been out. The first version of the game 1.0 was nearly unplayable. Over powered enemies, and endless loot grind, a real money auction house that […]


BLIZZCON SPECIAL REPORT: Opening ceremonies recap.

The stage is set, the lights are up, and its time for Blizzcon, blizzards nexus for news and e-sports tournaments. It all starts with the opening ceremonies. We open this year with a video about Starcraft, lots of talk from […]


Help Design Diablo 3’s Next Legendary Item

The development team behind Diablo 3 has released behind-the-scenes details of designing the game’s Legendary items in a blog post today, looking to tap the collective mind of the community that so adores the series.


Diablo 3 Patch To Add Paragon Leveling System

Blizzard has been eager to add reasons for players to keep enjoying Diablo 3 long after they’ve completed the main story line. The new paragon leveling system announced today seems to be a great addition. Originally reaching level 60 just […]


Next Diablo III Patch Will Fix Digital Purchase Restrictions

Blizzard’s last patch to Diablo III introduced some restrictions for players who decided to buy the game digitally. As it stands right now, players who purchased the game through Battle.net are only able to access the games first Act and […]