Help Design Diablo 3’s Next Legendary Item

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Kintarius

The development team behind Diablo 3 has released behind-the-scenes details of designing the game’s Legendary items in a blog post today, looking to tap the collective mind of the community that so adores the series.

Aptly titled the “Design a Legendary” project, the idea will be to detail and show players the different design stages behind bringing an item of such importance to life, from concept to creation, and everything in between. The project is set to take several months, as it will get very much in depth.

Blizzard intends to use player feedback to help guide the development of the item.

“We’ll be holding global community votes, hosting podcasts, soliciting ideas, and even running a contest or two to ensure that this is truly a worldwide, player-driven initiative.”

Blizzard community manager Stephanie “Lylirra” Johnson also commented that more player co-designed items may well be a possibility, depending on the success of this project.



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