Dontnod Co-Founder Would Love To Work On a Sequel To Life Is Strange

Dontnod’s co-founder Alain Damasio has confirmed in an interview with a French publication that if a sequel to this year’s surprise hit Life Is Strange enters full production he’ll be happy to work on it – just as he did as a script consultant for the original 5 episodes.

Here’s a translated quote (thanks to Google Translate):

I contributed modestly as Script Doctor on  Life is Strange  developed by Studio DONTNOD. If there were to be a sequel, I would happy to contribute, of course.

The remainder of the interview talks about the social function of videogames, how developing games has changed as the player base continues to age and what makes games so much more engaging when compared to other mediums like film, television and books. Even if (like me) you have to read the interview through a translator it is quite fascinating.

One of our editors recently took apart and analyzed several of the problems with Life Is Strange Episode 5’s ending. I personally was absolutely drawn to the series after playing the first episode and without spoiling things the ending I chose in episode 5 left me in tears. If Dontnod can re-create this magic in an eventual sequel I’ll gladly buy the season pass up front!

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