Author: Robyn Robo, Author at Broken Joysticks


Duskers | Review

Duskers recently released after having spent several months in Early Access, luckily they have gone into a full release in good time and with great polish. This game skillfully blends three core elements: rogue like dungeons, tense claustrophobic space horror […]


I Want to be Human has a lot of potential but falls short

I Want to be Human is a new game from the indie developer Sinclair Strange, over in the UK. It is a run’n’gun 2D platformer with tight jumping puzzles and Super Meat Boy like wall climbing. The game also features […]


Stories: The Path of Destinies | Review

“Stories: The Path of Destinies” is a fun, lighthearted action-RPG set in a high fantasy world of flying ships and sky-islands. You are going to lose, constantly, and you are going to love it. Stories is a bit like a […]


Hyper Light Drifter | Review

Hyper Light Drifter is an incredible and intense experience. It pulls at you with war, death, illness and loss, but it never says a word. A surreal game without any written nor spoken dialogue. The game isn’t easy either, I […]


Slain! | Review

The new platformer / smash’em’up “Slain!” is the first release of its developer Wolf Brew Games. “Slain!” was KickStarted exactly a year before its release to a figure just shy of $20,000. It is currently out on Windows, Linux and […]


Space Grunts | Review

Space Grunts is a lovely little game available now on Steam for PC/Linux/Windows, the Humble Store, Apple’s App Store & Google Play. For this article I reviewed it on Linux. The game was released cross-platform at the end of February. […]