September 21, 2015

What We’ve Been Playing: Week of September 21st

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Hello readers

Welcome to a brand new weekly feature where our editors tell you what we are playing this week and how we feel about that particular game. We hope that you will also share what games you’ve been playing in the comments section!

Fionna fox: 

This week I’ve been playing Daily Espada (check out our full review) and Counter Strike GO.  I won’t spoil Daily Espada, just go read the review: P, but I will say that it took a decent part of my Saturday away from me.  CS:GO remains one of my favorite games of all time (even if I can AWP to save my life!) CS:GO was recently given a MASSIVE update, with changes to hitboxes, animations, and guns. It’s basically a whole new game, and one that I am enjoying quite a bit!


Rae Michelle Richards:

I’ve been hopping through portals with my wife in Portal 2 for the past week and a half. We beat the single player campaign in our living room last week and I absolutely loved it. The writing in Portal 2 is fantastic and just miles better than the writing found in Portal 1. If you haven’t checked this gem from 2011 out I highly recommend that you do. Without spoilers or a full review – this definitely worth your time AAAAAAND it can usually be found for under $10 on steam during sales.


That has been our week – lots of Valve games!

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Allison Road Frightens Up Some Cash With KickStarter

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

First person indie horror Allison Road made a rather impressive splash this summer when its developers released footage of the game’s prototype. Due to its similar first person style and the fact that it is set in a modern urban dwelling Allison Road was almost instantly compared to Hideo Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills project and its now unavailable teaser P.T.

Now the folks at Lilith LTD have taken Allison Road to KickStarter in an attempt to raise 250,000 British Pounds (Aprox 387, 000 USD) within the next thirty days to help fund their latest game.

[youtube id=”__i_LoRKhJ0″]

Their reward tiers include:

  • Looking to secure a digital copy of Allison Road on PC will need to fork over about $24 USD to reserve their code.
  • For $47 USD backers can get the “full digital package” which includes the game on PC, Xbox One or PS4 as well as the game’s art E-book, a digital soundtrack and an in game credit. A physical copy will run you about $87 USD!
  • On the more expensive end if you have a photograph that you think would go well with the game’s aesthetic Lilith LTD is offering the chance for 15 backers to include their photos in game (with approval) for aprox $386 USD.
  • For about $1500 USD you can leave a phone message in the game (with the developer’s approval) plus an audio credit and a downloadable copy of the game.
  • For $3800 US you can collaborate with the developers at Lilith LTD to develop one of the unique scares in the game (with their approval of course). The purchaser of that tier will also get an in-game design credit and the soundtrack/game bundle mentioned above.

Lilith LTDs Kickstarter describes the game as:

“A  narrative-driven survival horror game developed by industry veterans and lifelong game enthusiasts. Created with Unreal Engine 4 and supporting Oculus Rift we are ready to take horror into your front room”.

Will they hit their hauntingly large target of over $380,000? I am not sure but if Allison Road hits its mark the game is expected to be delivered to backers in December 2016.


Daily Espada | Review

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Daily Espada is the newest indie from Pedro Gabriel, pits an ordinary man against Brazil’s most bizarre and exciting fictional game show.  Our hero will be given a sword and a gun and forced to fight against hordes of Brazil’s greatest mythological creatures in exchange for fabulous prizes.  The sword gives our hero the power to transform in a super-sentai kind of way, donning a black suit with red accents that give you additional more powerful combos and a super ability. The gameshow’s rewards are fantastic, and will ensure our heroes family will be set for life.Read More


Final Fantasy XIV 3.1 Patch Detailed

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Have you finished the main story quest for Final Fantasy XIV: HeavansWard and plowed your way through Alexander Savage and want to know when you’ll get your next big injection of new content? During the “Letter From The Producer Live” at the Tokyo Games Show producer Yoshi-P revealed that Final Fantasy XIV 3.1 will be launching this November!

The brand new 24-person raid is known as The Void Ark and you may have seen it – the black and purple ship flying off in the distance in several of the Ishgaurd zones. Void Ark will be structured similar to the Crystal Tower storyline – which means we may see several different raids strung together through common story elements as the 3.X patch series continues to be rolled out.  In terms of party composition The Void Ark will utilize 3 groups consisting of 1 tank, two healers and five DPS.


As mentioned in previous Letters From The Producer Live Free Companies (FFXIV’s guilds) will be able to pool their resources together to build airships to go on adventures together. These new Airship Exploration Missions are filled with powerful enemies that will surely give even the most geared out lvl 60s a run for their gil! Your adventurer along with 23 other players are charged with the task of taking down targeted monsters to win spoils for your free company. If you aren’t in a Free Company there will be publically available airships to take you on these new exploration missions.

If you want all the other details make sure to check out the official FFXIV TGS Page or check out our original source. We’ll have more on Final Fantasy XIV “As Goes Light So Goes Darkness” as we approach its November release date.



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