What We’ve Been Playing: Week of September 21st

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Welcome to a brand new weekly feature where our editors tell you what we are playing this week and how we feel about that particular game. We hope that you will also share what games you’ve been playing in the comments section!

Fionna fox: 

This week I’ve been playing Daily Espada (check out our full review) and Counter Strike GO.  I won’t spoil Daily Espada, just go read the review: P, but I will say that it took a decent part of my Saturday away from me.  CS:GO remains one of my favorite games of all time (even if I can AWP to save my life!) CS:GO was recently given a MASSIVE update, with changes to hitboxes, animations, and guns. It’s basically a whole new game, and one that I am enjoying quite a bit!


Rae Michelle Richards:

I’ve been hopping through portals with my wife in Portal 2 for the past week and a half. We beat the single player campaign in our living room last week and I absolutely loved it. The writing in Portal 2 is fantastic and just miles better than the writing found in Portal 1. If you haven’t checked this gem from 2011 out I highly recommend that you do. Without spoilers or a full review – this definitely worth your time AAAAAAND it can usually be found for under $10 on steam during sales.


That has been our week – lots of Valve games!

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