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Middle Earth: Shadow of War Gets 16 Minute Gameplay Trailer

Posted on March 9, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Warner Bros Interactive released a 16-minute video showcasing a vertical slice of the upcoming Middle Earth: Shadow of War. In this demonstration we get a look at the enhanced nemesis system, the use of spies, rideable mounts and so much more. Usually the gameplay reveals for major AAA titles leave something to be desired but this small section of Shadow of War’s campaign, several hours in, gives viewers a lot to chew on.

Combat appears to be virtually identical to the previous entry in the franchise, Shadow of Mordor, with players assuming the role of Talion once again. New to his arsenal is the ability for wraith inside of him to make use of a ring of power to eviscerate or convert fallen commanders to Talion’s side. Button prompts on the screen also indicate that Shadow of War will once again make use of the bow and two button melee system that was made popular by another Warner Bros property, the Arkham series.

The nemesis system returns but this time it’s not just your opponents who will remember their time with Talion. Friendly units will have statistics, an origin and that initial interaction with Talion can very well forge just how useful recruits are on the battlefield. During the 16-minute gameplay demo we see Talion’s army overtake a fortress and fold its former leader into the ranks against Mordor. As the demo progresses this same former leader rides in on a giant beast to disrupt the big bad commander of this region, even if only for a few seconds – giving our hero the opening to land the finishing blow.

Here’s hoping that the final product can live up to the expectations set forth in the gameplay reveal. Warner bros has set the bar high, here’s hoping that using Drakes against the forces of Mordo doesn’t get old or under utilized.

Mordor: Shadow of War will be made available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s unrevealed Xbox Scorpio, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 25th 2017.



Mortal Kombat X Kombat Cup Tournament Returns on Feb 12th

Posted on February 2, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

The Kombat Cup an annual Mortal Kombat X tournament returns on February 12th offering casual and hardcore fans alike to take on professional players like the MKX EVO champion SonicFox. With $12,000 of cash prizes available to be one there is a lot of cash available for spilling a little bit of blood – or perhaps dismembering an opponent.

Everything kicks off on Feb 12th with a series of weekly events, called the qualifying rounds. The top eight players from the qualifying rounds will make their way into the quarter brackets for a chance to win up to $400 in weekly prizes.

Here is a breakdown of all of the weekly prizes that will be up for grabs until the weekly portions of Kombat Cup close on May 7th:

Weekly Prizes – Kombat Cup

  • First Place – $200 and 150 league points
  • Second Place – $100 and 125 league points
  • Third and Fourth Place – $50 and 75 league points
  • Fifth through Eighth Place – 50 league points
  • Ninth through Sixteenth Place – 25 league points

The finals for the Kombat Cup will take place during the week of May 14th and all of the weekly and final matches will be streamed at 60 FPS on streaming platform Stream.ME which also features content from the Kombat Cup in 4K, if your computer supports it.

Here are the prizes that will be available during the May 14th finale:

Season Finale Prizes

  • First Place – $1,500
  • Second Place – $1,000
  • Third Place – $700
  • Fourth Place – $400
  • Fifth Place Tie – $100 per player


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