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Sparrow Racing League Goes Live Today In Destiny: The Taken King

Posted on December 7, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Starting today guardians who visit the universe of Bungie’s Destiny can participate in a six-person death race on a brand new Sparrow. The next major patch – which goes live today – Destiny 2.1 – will add two new NPCs to the tower. By speaking to Tess Everis Guardians will have the option to purchase new in-game emotes, similar to the one’s that were made available during the Halloween event. By speaking to the second NPC, Amanda Holliday, players will be able to earn their Sparrow Racing League License and complete bounty for new gear.

The Sparrow Racing League will go live on all platforms starting today and will run until December 29th. Fans got their first chance to check out this brand new, time limited mode, at the PlayStation Experience this past weekend in San Francisco.

According to Bungie here’s everything you do when speaking to Amanda Holliday:

  • Obtain your SRL Licence Quest and SRL Bounties
  • Earn a new Sparrow as part of the SRL Quest
  • Upgrade your reputation by completing SRL Bounties
  • Each Race is a chance to earn SRL gear and Shaders
  • The higher your reputation, the better the post-game drops
  • Helmets and Class Items can drop with up to 320 Light
  • Helmets and Class Items with Light can be used for Infusion
  • All other SRL gear has no Light, but features racing perks

Here’s everything Tess has to offer:

  • New emotes to celebrate the thrill of speed and competition
  • ToolKits that include stylish (but equally fast) Sparrows
  • ToolKits that include Horns to let you signal your approach
  • A new Record Book to provide more challenge and reward

It’s important to note that a copy of The Taken King is required to participate in The Sparrow League.

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