Destiny’s The Taken King Comes Out Tomorrow, Let’s Take A Look

Bungie’s Destiny turned a year old this past week and with the near simultaneous release of the Destiny 2.0 patch and its latest expansion The Taken King the game looks a lot different now than when we originally reviewed it a year ago. Whether you are a returning Guardian already at the existing level cap ready to grind out some new gear or exploring the solar system for the first time we’re going to try and get you up to speed before the game launches tonight at midnight.

Guardians will be taking on a brand new faction in The Taken King called “The Taken” which consist of corrupted versions of the other main factions – the Fallen, Vex and Cabal that they fought in vanilla Destiny. If you thought taking on Crota was difficult in The Dark Below just wait until you meet his literal daddy, this demon looking horned monstrosity is looking to avenge the death of his son who was the final boss in The Dark Below’s Crota’s End raid content.

One of the major selling points for returning players is the expansion of the level cap from 20 to 40 thanks to a major change in how the light system works.  The raise in level cap comes with the removal of the previous light system – instead of your level being calculated through gear statistics – all levels are now gained through amassing experience points similar to how players progressed through their first 20 levels.  Existing character’s levels will be determined using the maximum light level earned (up to a cap of 34). Players who purchase The Taken King will also be given “The Spark of Light” which will auto-level one of their characters to 25 so that they can jump right into the action. “Light” will still remain a statistic that effects other stats but is no longer tied to progression.

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Another major gameplay addition in The Taken King is the inclusion of three new subclasses- Sunbreaker, NightStalker and Stormcaller. The Sunbreakers are able to equip a powerful flaming hammer that they can use to dispatch their foes rather quickly. Their perks include Forgemaster – The ability to throw more hammers, Scortched Earth – allowing the titan to create subspots upon attacking with their hammer amongst other new toys to play with. Nightstalker is the brand new subclass for Hunters whose new super-charged ability “Shadowspot” allows them to slow and suppress damage coming from a target for a short time. Their perks include the ability to raise the amount of range Shadowspot has, as well as improved double jump mobility.  Lastly we have the Stormcaller which is the brand new Warlock subclass. Their new super-charged ability is Arc Lightening, an ability which deals damage to their foes through the use of magical lightening. Their new perks include the ability to teleport while using their super-charge and bonuses to glide speed and boosted speed while critically wounded.

Changes to leveling and new subclasses are great but what about new content?  Four new strikes will be added when The Taken King launches tomorrow – The Dreadnaught, Fallen Saber, Shield Brothers and Sunless Coil. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners will also get exclusive access to an additional strike called Echo Chamber.  10 new Story Missions will also be accessible with The Taken King as well as a new public event Court of Onyx and of course a brand new end game raid as well!

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There are a number of smaller changes coming to Destiny as well tomorrow such as new gear slots after level 40, 7 new crucible maps, expanded vault space and brand new ghost shells! The Taken King will be available in both physical retail and digital download versions on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The Legendary Edition comes with vanilla Destiny, both previously released expansions – House of Wolves & The Dark Below as well as The Taken King for $59.99 USD. The Collector’s Edition includes all of the previous plus a physical set of relic / artifact cards, a strange coin replica, early access weapons pack (DLC) and a steel case -the Collectors Edition will be priced at $79.99 USD! If you order The Taken King digitally you’ll get additional in-game rewards rather than the physical ones.

It certainly feels like a lot is about to change in the world of Destiny. Keep checking back to BrokenJoysticks for more coverage after The Taken King launches tomorrow!

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