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Is Star Wars 1313 going to rise from its grave?

Remember Star Wars 1313? Honestly if you feel asleep for two weeks in 2012 you might have missed it, it was a game announced at the tail end of the Lucas Arts tenure over Star Wars games, and featured a […]


Star Wars 1313 and First Assault Cancelled As LucasArts Shifts Focus

LucasArts have decided to shift their focus from internally developed games, such as next-gen title Star Wars 1313, in favor of licensing out the Star Wars property to third party developers. The development teams behind both Stars Wars 1313 and […]


Star Wars 1313 Trailer Decends Into The Underworld

While Star Wars 1313 hasn’t been given a platform or release date, that hasn’t stopped LucasArts from releasing more information about the upcoming game. I’m hoping the playable character is in fact Boba Fett, LucasArts hasn’t confirmed or denied that […]