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Is Star Wars 1313 going to rise from its grave?

Remember Star Wars 1313? Honestly if you feel asleep for two weeks in 2012 you might have missed it, it was a game announced at the tail end of the Lucas Arts tenure over Star Wars games, and featured a […]


Footage of LucasArts’ Cancelled Darth Maul Game Leaked

The recently shuttered LucasArts had a last generation title in production centered around Darth Maul – the Sith lord who will ever been linked with one of the few awesome fight scenes in the prequel trilogy and of course double […]


Disney Buys Lucas Film, Promises Star Wars VII

In news that will no doubt flow over into video games, and makes one wonder what in the world future Kingdom Hearts games will include now that Disney has both Marvel titles and Lucas Arts titles, Disney has purchased Lucas […]