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theHunter: Call Of The Wild Reveals Layton Lake Trailer

Continuing our coverage of Expansive Worlds beautiful woodlands simulator that I’ll be wandering through soon, we have a new trailer highlighting the Layton Lake district of the reserve. The hunting simulator which promises to be very immersive and detailed will […]


theHunter: Call Of The Wild Has Some Amazing Visuals

Sport hunting titles seem like they’ve been around forever. I remember back in the 90s playing Deer Hunting simulators that felt like DOOM mods. It’s a genre that has quite a history. Even GTA 5 had deer hunting, let alone […]


Is Mountain A Form Of Modernism Or Just Another Screensaver?

Is Mountain a form of modernism or a screensaver? On one hand, Mountain offers a serene landscape and a breathtaking view of a mountain. On the other hand, it ages and becomes its own identity. Mountain lets you look at […]