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Great Holiday Giveaway Day 3: Tripwire Complete Pack

Our holiday giveaways continue and since it is Christmas morning (at least in most of the world as of this writing) we’ve decided to giveaway three Tripware Complete Bundles for Windows PC through Steam. These packs valued at $29.99 include […]


Red Orchestra 2 Mapping Contest Announced

Tripwire Interactive has announced the “Counterattack” Community Mapping Contest for Red Orchestra 2. There are over $35,000 worth of cash and a slew of other prizes. You can see more details about the contest after the jump.


Red Orchestra 2 GOTY Edition Update Released

The Game of the Year Edition of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad has just been released on Steam. As we reported previously, this free update includes numerous tweaks, in addition to a new map and two new gameplay modes. […]


Red Orchestra 2 GOTY Edition Announced

Tripwire Interactive has just announced that Red Orchestra 2, the WW2 shooter that won PC Gamer’s “Multiplayer FPS of the Year,” is getting a Game of the Year edition. Everyone who already owns the game will be able to download […]