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Paladins Impressions (Nintendo Switch)

At first blush Hi-Rez Studios Paladins is easily compared to Blizzard’s Overwatch – both games are bright and colorful, both games feature a large roster of heroes with different play styles and both games are all about co-operative teamplay. In […]


Paladins Game Guide: Evie the Blink Destroyer

Our own Fionna Fox is up to making game guides again, this time for Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Her latest guide is for the fast blinking Evie who loves to jump in to the back line and do damage. […]


Paladins gets new game modes in Patch 11

Hi-Rez studios is at it again, this time adding two new experimental modes to their new MOBA shooter Paladins. The new modes are a capture point mode is featured in the video with yours truly below! Have a watch. Then […]


Paladins Heroes of the Realm Beta stream!

Check out two full hours of game-play from the new game paladins heroes of the realm with our own Fionna Fox! Look for continued Beta coverage from the game as we move forwards in its develpemnt, and maybe a surprise […]


Beta Report: Paladins Champion of the Realm

Paladins Champion of the Realm, the newest game from Hi-Rez studios (creators of SMITE, and publisher of Tribes). The game features (so far) a cast of 9 characters who fight over a single point to capture. After capturing the point […]