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Paladins gets new game modes in Patch 11

Hi-Rez studios is at it again, this time adding two new experimental modes to their new MOBA shooter Paladins. The new modes are a capture point mode is featured in the video with yours truly below! Have a watch. Then hit the jump and read the full patch notes.

Here are the full patch notes

  • Challenge Matches have been added:
    • This is a new queue that players may use to create a custom game between two full parties of five.
    • To enter a Challenge Match, you must be the leader of a full party of five and click on the Challenge queue to create a match. Enter in a game name, an optional password, and select a server for the match to play on. Once created, an opposing party of five must enter the queue and select your game to start the match.
  • A new Experimental Queue has been added:
    • This is a more Casual queue that will rotate between two different game modes: Assault and Capture Point.
    • In Assault, there will be no capture phase of the match. Siege Engines continually spawn and alternate between each team until one team destroys the enemy’s vault
    • In Capture Point, there is no Siege Engine or push phase of the match. Capture Points continually spawn and the game is over once one team successfully captures five points.
  • You will no longer see the enemy’s card selections until one minute has passed in the match, preventing you from gaining pre-emptive information on their build before you see them.
  • In Deck Building, while choosing a card for a specific slot you will now be able to hover over currently equipped cards to compare against your choices.
  • The Healing Zones inside your base along with the generic out-of-combat Healing will no longer trigger voice cues from your Champion.
  • Capture Points now have their point names above them to more easily identify their locations.
  • Increased the Experience spooling in Siege Mode.
  • The match lobby now displays the current map and game mode you are playing.
  • You may now join Challenge Matches even if you have deserter.
  • Increased the Movement Speed while Mounted.
  • Fixed a number of client crash issues.
  • Fixed an issue where your fire animation could get interrupted and not finish properly.
  • Fixed an issue where bots could respawn in the wrong location.
  • Fixed an issue where player outlines would not work properly on Low Settings.
  • Fixed a problem with Fernando’s shield overriding Health bonuses from cards.


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