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The Witch and the Hundred Knights Summoning in 2013

While our review for Mugen Souls is right around the corner and we’re going to have quite a focus on NISA soon, I wanted to mention an upcoming title of theirs. The Witch and the Hundred Knights is a Nippon […]


Disgaea D2 Set For March Release In Japan, Disgaea 5 Teased

The Disgaea franchise has been with us for two console generations now. Beginning life on the PlayStation 2 it has stayed exclusive on Sony hardware, most recently appearing in the form of a port of Disgaea 3 on the Vita. […]


Mugen Souls Is Shipping Out To Retailers

It seems like there may have been a slow down with Canadian orders since both EBGames.ca and Amazon.ca still list Mugen Souls as unavailable or on pre-order, but the latest NIS game is finding its way into the hands of […]


A Look At Mugen Souls – E3 Interview

The folks over at Capsule Computers interviewed some of the NIS America team at E3 2012 and have lots of wonderful info on tomorrow’s big release, Mugen Souls! Throughout the interview it brings to light that it really does sound […]


Lots Involved in Mugen Souls Character Customization

NIS games have always given gamers tons of characters to choose from, and even more recent games like ClaDun x2 and Legasista have included the ability to draw what you like for your character. Mugen Souls takes that creativity in […]


ClaDun x2 | Review

ClaDun x2 is a fun and portable (if you’re playing the PSP version) adventure in the latest action RPG system from NIS. Much like the PS3 release of Legasista on PSN, ClaDun x2 lets you explore random dungeons, enjoy an […]


Legasista | Review

If you’re a fan of NIS games and enjoy action RPG’s like Secret of Mana, this is a game you may enjoy. While it doesn’t feature the vast explorable world like Secret of Mana featured, it does have the random […]


Grind To Infinity With Cladun X2 On Steam

NIS America’s latest digital release, Cladun X2, has found its way on to Steam. In Caldun you take on the role of wandering adventurer trapped in a world the size of pocket. Just because the landscape is small, doesn’t mean […]


Clan of Champions Coming To PSN This Summer

NIS America, publisher of some landmark RPGS including the DIsgaea franchise amongst others, announced today that Clan of Champions will be released on the PlayStation Network later this summer. Sadly the game will not be available on the Xbox Live […]